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Don't Go to Ocean Beach Fire Island NY

Over the past few months, Ocean Beach Fire Island NY has been working its PR resources overtime in a huge rebranding effort to draw new visitors in 2006 and reap their vacation dollars.

Glancing at the new Ocean Beach Fire Island NY website, one might be led to believe that the beauty and glory is unrivalled, and that it is a perfect destination for families. In fact the Mayor herself writes a nice letter to visitors expounding the "glorious...and tranquil retreat."

The reality of life in Ocean Beach, however, is not so tranquil. Ocean Beach Fire Island, long named the "land of no", have rules against so many aspects of life, it is against the law to walk in town without a shirt, eat ice cream, or a sandwich!

Considering a nice family picnic on the beach? Think again, because it is a huge fine. Ocean Beach Fire Island NY is certainly not a place for families to vacation.

Why? For one reason, the Ocean Beach Police Department have long held the belief that Ocean Beach, Fire Island was their own kingdom to run as they desired. According to one retired NYC detective, "everyone that has ever visited Ocean Beach knows these half-assed wanna be cops think they are God and above the law."

Frequent fines, police brutality - roughing up people unnecessarily, and illegitimately hauling people to the police station have all been frequent complaints. The amount of money generated by these tickets and fines is a boon to the town including the board of trustees and the mayor, and as a result this aggressive police abuse behavior has been overlooked for years.

This police brutality and use of the shield to generate money by fining innocent people reached new heights last summer when, on August28, 2005 the Ocean Beach Fire Island NY Police Department sergeant and other officers punched and kicked a 150-lb NYC business man into unconsciousness.

The victim, who was not under arrest spent 10 days in the hospital with severe blunt force trauma injuries, including a ruptured bladder. Adding insult to injury, 7 days after the incident, the victim was fined and sent two illegitimate misdemanor violations!

So, when considering a vacation spot for this summer season, you should stay on the mainland. Remember, don't go to Ocean Beach Fire Island NY as it is no place for families!

To read in depth about police brutality in Ocean Beach Fire Island, go to http://www.oceanbeachpoliceabuse.com whose material contributed to this blog.


Blogger Auracy said...

Yes. The wonderful sound of people complaining and the press lying to us...

As someone who spent the first 3 years of my life and every summer thereafter (almost 30 years now) in Ocean Beach working, living and having fun I feel I must tell you the rest of the story that all the hate filled people have somehow failed to relate. Because yes, there are ALWAYS two sides to every situation.

A few points I will concede in your (posters of brutality acts) favor is that 1. O.B. does have way too many laws. 2. The cops do occasionally get rough with people there. But: While there are far too many laws what most people fail to notice is that almost NO ONE gets ticketed the first month or so of summer, they get warnings. It isn't until mid-June and often July that the ticket books really come out (unless of course you open your big mouth to the cop, which as far as I know doesn't fly ANYWHERE). This is so that word has time to spread and no one has a real reason to protest. Especially the beach laws as they are posted on HUGE signs upon arriving on the beach. Most people walk by without even a glance though.

On my second point, 99% of the people who get hurt by cops there are drunk, angry, strong, and willing to resist any sort of authority. I have seen MANY MANY times where people get yelled at by bouncers, thrown out of a bar, or are simply causing trouble at home, on the street, or elsewhere who decide when the cops show up that instead of calming down and listening, they wat to either run away, fight the cops, or some other stupidity that then gets them hurt. Yet they never seem to remember that part the next day.

If you ask any local in the town what their feelings on the cops are you will get a unanimous "I'm glad their here to take care of the idiots" as well as a few complaints on specific laws (though that isn't the PD's fault).

As for the individual cops involved with this incident. I know each and every one of them and believe that it "is possible" that some of them could have roughed him up.. But not without a REALLY GOOD REASON.

If you go to O.B. to have a good time. You will. Just don't fight with people. Especially cops. Don't talk back to people. Especially cops. People go there and tend to forget these things that normally apply ANYWHERE because they think it's some backwater town where anything goes, just because there are no cars.

I could go on, but I already know that most of the people reading this will dismiss it as someone who doesn't know what they are talking about. But that isn't why I'm writing this. I don't care what you think. To each his own, I just feel that you aren't hearing everything you should.

4/01/2006 4:07 PM  
Blogger Police Abuse Victim said...


Good post. You sound like a reasonable person. While the point of your post is hard to discern, of course there are always two sides to every story.

To your point “2. The cops do occasionally get rough with people there.” It sounds like you are both agreeing with the fact that cops get rough with people in OB, and saying that it is Gilberd’s own fault because he should have known. That is ludicrous.

Do you really think this is OK? What kind of statement are you making? Regardless of where you are – “backwater town” or no - is it OK for officers of the law to send anyone they want to the hospital because they don't like the way the person looks or talks?

Look, we believe in and respect the rule of law. Laws are in place for the benefit of the majority, and if you know the law, then don’t break it. But it is exactly the kind of thinking that you propone in your post that leads to the loss of individual rights and freedom.

We are human; and humans are not perfect. Police officers are human, and they are trained to enforce the law. Police make mistakes too. If Gilberd was intoxicated, he should have been put in a drunk tank. He should not have been put in the hospital for 10 days with severe internal injuries.

Gilberd weighs 150 pounds, did not have any weapon, and is less than 6 feet tall. He was allowed to leave the station house that night. How could it be possible for him to have assaulted three large officers? It makes no sense. And there was certainly no record or complaint filed about him assaulting an officer.

Isn't it possible that Gilberd is part of the 1% of people that aren't (as you put in your post) "drunk, strong, or angry"?

In other words, isn’t it possible he didn’t deserve to get beaten?

By the way, who does?

4/06/2006 3:43 PM  
Blogger Auracy said...

Well... yes. I suppose it is possible. Though unlikely.

And the point of my post was to argue the points made by the original poster about "OB not being a place anyone should go and not being a family town, etc. etc."

And no, police anywhere shouldn't get rough with people. But it does happen. But certainly not more in OB than anywhere else. The peoblem being that in such a small town, 1 incident (true or not) can have a much larger impression. And also, if in fact he was drunk (I don't know all the specifics) and didn't actually assault the cops but did in fact get rowdy, belligerent, nasty, or in any way insolent with the cops they may have had reason to do what they "did to him". But if as you say he was allowed to leave the station house, that doesn't sound like a man needing 10 days in a hospital. Maybe he fell down on the walk home and blamed the extra bruises on the cops.

That and the fact that anyone willing to create a blog, newspaper report, and all this hype about an incident such as this looks more to me like a golddigger than someone who would simply go to court, keep it quiet, and try to win his case. He seems like he has a personal vendetta that goes beyond what happened. And I'm sure he couldn't say that his entire visit to OB was horrible. He's trying to steer people away from there because of one isolated incident that may or may not have happened.

If someone got assaulted by cops in Manhatten do you think they would start a blog telling people never to go there? No, they would take it to court and keep their mouth shut.

4/08/2006 8:17 PM  
Blogger Pete said...

Ocean Beach has long been known as "The Land of NO" and that is why many young people, couples, and families are spreading their vacation dollars to other towns on Fire Island such as Fair Harbor, Davis Park, Kismet, and Ocean Bay Park. When people go to the beach in the summer they want to enjoy "fun in the sun." This includes many of the things that are Illegal in Ocean Beach including: Walking down the street drinking a soda, walking down the street eating a slice of pizza, playing frisbee on the beach, playing touch football on the beach, having a sandwich or soda- or even water on a hot day- from your cooler while on the beach.

It is time for Suffolk County to step in and make Ocean Beach follow all the rules of other beaches on Long Island. Tickets for things like playing frisbee, drinking a soda, playing touch football, eating a sandwich and topless sunbathing should be LEGAL in Ocean Beach, just as they are LEGAL on ALL other beaches in New York state.

Until these rules are relaxed, I'll go to any of the other great beaches on Long Island where I can bring my cooler full of soda and sandwiches, a frisbee, a football, my girlfriend can lie out and get tan without the hassles from a town that has turned these rules into a moneymaker for them, and they have turned their wanna-be cops into "professional annoyers!"

5/21/2008 9:39 AM  
Blogger Janice Nap said...

I was just at O.B. yesterday and could not believe the unrealistic rules of the beach. You can't do ANYTHING! NO EATING, DRINKING, nothing.....I will NEVER go there again. How unrealistic is it for your kids to be running around the beach all day and not eat or drink? I guess the town just wants the kids to pass out from dehydration. I hope one day the O.B wakes up to NO VISTITORS!! Bet they change their rules then.
I just want to know what the "no eating and drinking rules is all about. If it is the litter, I think the town has it all wrong. If anyone knows, please let everyone else in on it!

7/30/2008 6:03 PM  

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