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OCEAN BEACH POLICE COVER-UP FAILS; Criminal Charges Dropped Against Man Assaulted by Ocean Beach PD

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Newsday Article

All criminal charges were dropped October 4, 2006 by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office against Samuel Gilberd, the man who was assaulted last year by the Ocean Beach Police Department, according to the attorney handling his criminal matter, Robert Gottlieb.

Gottlieb said the dismissal was proof that police "trumped up" the charges to justify their assault. "The Suffolk DA is not in the habit of dropping charges unless they think the facts warrant it," Gottlieb said. "So their decision speaks much louder than anything I can say."

Mr. Gilberd was on vacation in Ocean Bay Park on Fire Island, and in the early morning hours of August 28, 2005 he was brought to the police station to receive a summons for littering. As he was leaving the police station, Mr. Gilberd closed the station house door in a way that apparently annoyed the police officers.

According to his attorneys, one of the police officers pursued Mr. Gilberd outside and told him "now you've really made the sergeant mad." Gilberd was dragged back into the station house by officers, then beaten and kicked into unconsciousness and left lying on the station house floor. Mr. Gilberd's wife found him lying unconscious when she arrived at the station house just minutes later.

The unprovoked attack by police officers was witnessed by others, including an independent witness, who together with Mr. Gilberd's wife frantically insisted that he be brought to a hospital.

After a delay, police officers finally transported Mr. Gilberd to Southside Hospital via police boat. A few hours later he was brought by private ambulance to St. Vincent’s hospital in New York City where he underwent an emergency operation to repair a ruptured bladder and numerous internal injuries. According to his attorneys, Mr. Gilberd remained in the hospital for ten days and continues to suffer residual medical problems as result of his injuries sustained in the attack.

Mr. Gilberd’s civil attorney, D. Carl Lustig, III, will announce that a formal lawsuit would be filed immediately in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York for violation of Mr. Gilberd’s civil rights, assault, and unlawful imprisonment against the village of Ocean Beach, NY, the Ocean Beach Police Department, the police department's Chief of Police Edward Paradiso, and a number of the police officers allegedly involved including Sergeant George Hesse and PO Arnold Hardman.

"When you're being attacked by thugs, who do you run to? You run to the police, of course," Lustig said. "But who do you run to when the police are the thugs?"

According to Mr. Gilberd’s attorneys, seven days after the incident, in an attempt to cover up their criminal assault, police officers filed the criminal charges against Mr. Gilberd, falsely charging him with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. These are the charges that were dropped by the Suffolk County District Attorney.

Criminal proceeding were on Wednesday October 4th at Supreme Court, Suffolk, County


Blogger Andew Mance said...

After viewing countless videos of police brutality, I think I've finally figured out how the police cause people to *resist*. It seems to be an unofficial technique that some cops use to cause resistance which they can then use to justify their brutality. I'm going to call this technique S.C.R.U.M. standing for

S=Smother the perpetrator (4-5 cops on top of the perpetrator so videos do not show what is going on nor can onlookers see)

C=Choke the perpetrator so he/she can't yell for help nor tell onlookers what is happening.

R=cause resistance by these methods:
1. Crush testicles causing severe pain
2. Crush kneecap causing severe pain
3. Twist ankle or knee in attempt to break joint

U=render victim Unconscious with TASER or via choking


The bald cop with his back to you can be seen squeezing and crushing the testicles of Deacon. Anyone would thrash around if someone did this to them.

Video of the murder of Deacon Frederick Williams, RIP

7/17/2008 2:57 PM  
Blogger Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Great after I am told I need to give my name tele number room number and date of birth by officer to make noise complaint over loud bar I find article in NYT. I believe officer name Boeklman. When he asked date if birth I asked didn't your officers rape a woman? He said no. He had been working her for years.

7/25/2012 9:44 PM  

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